I’m back! I can see that I’ve lost a bunch of followers, that’s sad. Well maybe because I’ve been quiet for some time now. I’ve been very busy with lawschool and I don’t seem to find the time to update my blog. And because of lawschool and overwhelming stress, I’ve gained weight, a lot of it! (Sorry if this won’t turn out as motivating as it is) Since everyone’s ranting about how I lost weight and then gained it back, I decided to start losing weight again. I gave the GM diet a try. Well, it was really difficult considering that I stay up til wee hours of the morning to study, but hey, it was worth it! You guys should give it a try. I lost 9 lbs in a week! :) Hit me up if you wanna know more about it, or you can try searching for it online :) 

Anonymous said: im a guy and personally i dont see why girls are so damn insecure.... all they need is confidence not weight change.... i mean i understand if the person is overweight or unhealthy but i used to know a chick who was 5'8 and about 150 and then she lost weight like crazy and now prob. weighs 110, honestly she doesnt even look good and shes got horrible self esteem.
coming from a guy whos dated very skinny women to very curvy women i love a girl who knows what she wants and has self esteem. some girls are perfect the way they are and they complain all because they lack confidence and reassurance from society SMH

Hi, I can’t agree more to everything you said. Losing weight for me is to gain that self-esteem, to have more confidence. Moreover, I believe that shedding those extra pounds would help me be healthy. I appreciate your honesty, thank you! 

pregnant-goldretrievers said: Hi i'm a new blog and i'm going to be posting pictures of myself (i''m 5'5, 87 pounds) and I was wondering if you could follow me or tell people about me? Thanks :)

Hi dear! I’m so sorry for answering late! But here, I’ll publish this post.

Guys, follow her please ;) 

"Maybe some friendships aren’t meant to be saved. Maybe we’re meant to spend a certain part of our life with certain people… and then move on."

Ultimate Thinspo!! :)

Ultimate Thinspo!! :)

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clarkgablesmustache said: you're absolutley.

even though I'm sure you'll disregard this, but I think you were
beautiful even at 160 :) I'm not even fudging, I'm honest. do as you wish though, you look great.
I currently weigh about 120 lbs, I wanted to shed a few lbs for summer as well. tips? I want to do it the healthy wayyy

Thank you so much sweetie! <3 I’d better be 125 than 160 not just to be beautiful but to be confident and healthy as well. I hope I can maintain this lifestyle! Anyway, if you wanted to shed a few lbs, maybe you can do some cardio :) If you wanted to tone up, try Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. It would also be very useful if you try controlling your caloric intake (take note of your BMR), and drink lots of water! To minimize the calories, try avoiding fastfood, fried and fatty food, sweets, and go for fruits and veggies! :) Good luck!!

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clarkgablesmustache said: May I see your progress blog please?

In your ask <3 

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